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Our Founders

The Parthemore family has called New Cumberland home since 1914.  Since then five generations have been born and raised in this charming borough on the outskirts of Harrisburg.


George Brauw &

Gilbert Jacob &
John Alfred


George Bruaw Parthemore, and his sons, Gilbert Jacob and John Alfred, Gilbert Jacob and his brother, John Alfred, opened the G.B. Parthemore & Sons Dairy, shortly after arriving in their new hometown. The dairy offered door-to-door service via horse-drawn milk wagon. Eventually, the horse-drawn wagon was replaced by a milk truck, but the Parthemore name continued to be synonymous with quality service.

The Parthemores have seen many changes since the days when horse-drawn wagons and street cars were familiar sites along Bridge Street, but a strong sense of public service and emphasis on supporting the community remains.

Gil & Sondra Parthemore

The funeral home founders, Gil and Sondra Parthemore, have fond memories of growing up in a small town with a population of 3,500, where personalized service was important and everyone looked out for one another. It was that sense of community and a strong understanding of service that has been the foundation of Parthemore’s Family Tradition of Caring.

Gil introduction to funeral service began at age 15 when he started working at the cemetery cutting grass and digging graves. It was years later in January of 1969, that he and Sondra purchased what is now Parthemore Funeral Home from Dr. & Mrs. (Marjorie) Carl Ervin. Originally built in 1928, the home remains a landmark along New Cumberland’s main thoroughfare.

The small town residents welcomed the Parthemore family into their new business, and the first funeral was held even before the new carpet was laid. In the early days, Gil met with the families, and Sondra worked behind the scenes, handling flower arrangements, writing the obituaries and tending to other details.

The Parthemore’s oldest son, Gib, was nine-years-old when the Parthemores moved into their new home and business.  He immediately became interested in the business, as did his younger brothers, Bruce and Steve, all of whom remain part of the business today.

Eight active grandchildren round out the Parthemore family, all still happy to call New Cumberland their home and continue the Parthemore legacy.