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Cremation FAQ

When Cremation is the Choice, Is a Funeral Service an Option
“The funeral ritual is unsurpassed in providing a
good beginning for the healthy grieving process.”

- Therese A. Rando, Ph.D.

According to a recent survey of funeral homes in Pennsylvania, 93% of families served held some type of funeral service, including those who had selected cremation for the final disposition. Funeral services are important to loved ones for many reasons, but most importantly, to:

  • Provide an opportunity to express grief
  • Encourage sharing of one’s life and memories
  • Create a forum for spiritual values and beliefs
  • Serve as a rite of passage

The funeral service is an important first step in the healing process, and although many people may believe that cremation eliminates the possibility of a funeral service—or even a viewing—it is important to know that choosing cremation does not preclude any type of funeral service. A traditional or contemporary service may be planned prior to the cremation.

The professionals at Parthemore Funeral & Cremation Services are available to guide you and your family through these important decisions. Contact us anytime for more information on cremation or planning a funeral service.

What Is Cremation?
CremationCremation is an age-old practice used for centuries around the world and is now becoming increasingly popular in the United States. An alternative to burial, cremation uses intense heat to return the body to its natural components. Prior to cremation, the body can be placed in a variety of containers designed to be consumed during the cremation process. The cremation process reduces the body to several pounds of ashes. Following cremation, the ashes are placed in a container or urn. Family members can then choose to scatter the ashes in a significant place, keep them or enter them in a cemetery or memorial park.

Why Choose Cremation?
People choose cremation for a number of reasons. Some people do not feel comfortable with traditional funeral or burials. Others think that using declining available land for burial wastes natural resources. And some choose cremation as a lower-cost funeral option. Choosing cremation does not mean having to give up the time-honored traditions that help commemorate a life.

Are Funeral Service Options Still Available With Cremation?
Yes, you may also choose to hold funeral services in conjunction with cremation. Prior to cremation, you may elect to hold funeral services that may include a private viewing, public visitation and/or religious service. Another option is to hold a memorial service after cremation. Depending on your wishes, the services can contain traditional or contemporary elements to suit your personal wishes.

Who Provides Cremation Services?
A common misconception is that only so-called "cremation societies" provide cremation services. In fact, most funeral homes, including Parthemore Funeral Home & Cremation Services, provide cremation services. In addition to the actual cremation, the funeral home can also provide a number of funeral service options. You may also choose to have traditional funeral services in conjunction with cremation.

Is it True that Cremation is Less Expensive than Traditional Burial?
As with any funeral service, the selections made impact the overall cost. A direct cremation, as well as immediate burial, can be substantially less than a funeral service that includes a viewing/visitation, religious ceremony and graveside services. At Parthemore Funeral Home & Cremation Services, our direct cremation service includes the basic services of our funeral director and staff, handling necessary paperwork and transportation of the body.

Whatever your wishes, our staff will be pleased to give you full details about our products and services, and help you make your decision. They will also make sure that any memorial you choose meets all your specifications. Please click here to request more information.

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