May 2018

May 2018


Finding Your Identity After The Loss Of A Loved One

Who am I? It’s a common question everyone asks themselves at least once in their life. When answering, many find the answer often has more than one layer such as “I’m a son, a daughter, a husband, a wife, a business owner, a caretaker” etc. Asking yourself this question can become even more complex when you have recently experienced the loss of a loved one.

The death of a loved one can be traumatic, causing many to feel as if they have lost their purpose. They may feel lost not knowing what they should be doing since they no longer have to worry about the well-being of their loved one. Sometimes, the way they viewed themselves, as a husband or a wife, has changed so drastically they can’t remember what it means to just be themselves. The realization that your previous concerns and routine are gone and you now have a future that is unknown can be overwhelming and scary.

So how do you find yourself again? There are some things you can do to help yourself find your “new” identity.

  1. Take the process one day at a time. Once you have moved past the funeral it can feel overwhelming when you try to figure out your next step. So the best advice is to focus on today. Make lists of what needs to be done today and only focus on today. Establish a routine for yourself. Many find comfort in the routine as they know what to expect next. Working through a small list of to-dos provides a feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day. This is important in helping to ward off feelings of panic and becoming overwhelmed.
  2. Start small. Pick small projects to do. If you are now living on your own, tackle something small like hanging a picture on the wall. Weed a small section of a garden or plant something new. If you were a caregiver and stopped doing things for yourself, then schedule a hair appointment, start a daily walk, buy a new book to read. Do something small to help yourself feel good.
  3. Lean on others and try something new. Don’t be afraid to tell others what you need. Most people want to help but don’t know how. So, if you need something, say something. Sometimes this advice can be used in conjunction with the advice to try something new. Going out to do something can be overwhelming in any situation, let alone when you are feeling lost. Call up a friend and have them join you to try a cooking class, workout class or anything you’ve thought of wanting to try. This can be a huge step forward in helping to get yourself excited for the future.

Finding your identity again isn’t easy but you will get there. Focusing on the small accomplishments and taking everything a day at a time will help. It’s important to have patience with yourself and accept setbacks as they come. Tomorrow is a new day to keep moving forward.


Parthemore Funeral Home Welcomes The Third Gilbert

Parthemore Funeral Home is pleased to announce that there are now officially three funeral directors named Gilbert at Parthemore Funeral Home. Gilbert A. “Gibby” Parthemore completed his funeral director internship and all the requirements to become a certified funeral director at the end of February 2018. He now joins his grandfather, Gilbert (Gil) Parthemore, his father, Gilbert (Gib) Parthemore, and his uncles Steve and Bruce Parthemore as a funeral director in the family business.

Gibby has worked at the funeral home since high school. In the spring of 2014, he began pursuing a degree in Mortuary Science and graduated from the Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science in 2016. At that time he started his funeral director internship which was completed this past February.

Gibby graduated from the University of Pittsburgh, with a dual degree in Business Administration and Political Science. He is also a graduate of Cedar Cliff High School, located in Camp Hill, where he was Class President and played football, basketball, baseball and track.


Founder, Mrs. Sondra Parthemore, Wishes Everyone A Happy Mother’s Day

Mother; a word that stems many feelings in this heart of just one in millions of these designated beings…

How is it when at the moment of birth we come to know what “awe” is, such ecstasy… We are handed the awesome responsibility of this child of God to love and nurture, to pray, raise, laugh, cry, pray, teach, respect, pray, guide, share and explain the perfection of this gift, all in league with the baby’s father.

Sometimes there are all kinds “mothers,” grandparents, other relatives, guardians, friends. No matter whom the child’s “mother” may be, we will ask for understanding; we ask for and show love that grows as the child grows. At some point the joy that comes from realizing this “mother’s gift” has awakened to find direction, purpose, commitment, excitement in how he’s able to find his calling, his thank you for life.

One of our treasured times in the last of these over sixty plus years was at Christmastime when we were together with our three sons, wives and families, everyone!

Going back to opening in 1969, how would we have ever dreamed that now we have a grandson who has also given himself to the same commitment of serving others! Thanks be to God, Happy Mother’s Day!


How To Honor Your Mother On Mother’s Day, Even If She’s Gone

Mother’s Day can prove to be challenging for anyone who is mourning the loss of their mother, even long after she passed. It can also be difficult to find meaningful ways to honor your mother and her life on Mother’s Day. Even though your mother is no longer here, you can still celebrate and remember her in ways that reflect the life that was unique to her.

Say It With Flowers
White carnations are traditionally the flowers chosen to remember mothers who are no longer with us. Pick up a bouquet and leave it at her gravesite or scatter them where her cremains are. If she had another favorite flower she loved, buy those instead. If you’re looking to create a quiet reminder, place a vase of flowers next to a picture or lit candle.

Cook Up Her Favorite Dish
If there was a special meal or favorite “comfort food” your mother cooked that you remember, honor her memory by cooking that dish. Invite your family and friends over and make an event out of it by sharing some of your happiest mealtime memories.

Pay It Forward
Make a donation in her memory to a cause that was dear to your mother’s heart. You may want to consider volunteering a few hours of your time to benefit others. It’s even as simple as buying a strangers meal at your mother’s favorite restaurant or buying coffee for the person behind you. If your mother had another favorite way of showing kindness to others, perform that act on behalf of her. Or if there is a favorite memory you had with your mom of helping others, partake in that event in memory of her.

Plant A Memory Garden
If your mother loved to garden, then honor her memory by planting a garden of your own. Doesn’t need to be anything extreme, it could simply be a potted flower on a windowsill. Involve your family by planting one together and reminiscing on the memories you had with her.

Take A Road Trip
Was your mother one to enjoy adventure or maybe she had a favorite vacation spot? Whether it was near or far, gather your family and plan a trip as a tribute to your mother. Share the memories you have there as well as create new ones.

It is never easy coping with the death of a loved one especially on days such as Mother’s Day. Celebrating your mother’s life this Mother’s Day may bring comfort through reminiscing with family and friends. There are countless ways to honor a lost mother; the important point is to embrace her spirit and keep her memory alive.


Unique Things To Do With Cremains

While traditional urns and scattering of ashes remain popular choices, a rising number of people are looking for more personalized choices to remember their loved ones who have been cremated. Companies are offering unique and unusual items that are created with cremains.

Memorial Jewelry

You can have a portion of the cremains encased in a piece of jewelry. Necklace pendants resembling a wide variety of things, such as a baseball or a music note are available. Inside the pendant is a chamber where cremains can be kept. Cremains can also be blown into glass jewelry by incorporating the ashes in the molten glass. Synthetic diamonds can also be made from cremains though a process of combining carbon and ashes in conditions that recreate forces of nature. All of these memorial jewelry options allows you to carry the memory of your loved one with you wherever you go.

Blown Glass

Much like a blown glass pendent, cremains can also be added into molten glass to create a centerpiece, paper weight or decoration. During the process of creating hand blown glass, ashes are added to the molten glass. Since the glass is at a higher temperature than the cremains, the carbon is burned off, turning the cremains white in color. The glass objects can include multiple colors or one color that emphasizes the cremains. Some unique designs include arranging the ashes to resemble a water fountain inside a glass dome or spiraling the ashes within different colors to create a colorful glass sphere. Other designs use the cremains to create a glass sculpture shaped to resemble a heart or unique piece of art.

Planted With A Tree

A tree urn allows ashes to aid in the growth of a tree. This is done by adding ashes to a biodegradable urn that contains a unique mix of nutrients and a tree sapling that is planted in the ground. The unique mix aids in the release of beneficial plant nutrients resulting in the growth of a majestic oak, willow, cherry or other selected tree varieties.

Become One With Water

Cremains can also help to rebuild coral reefs, by being incorporated into cement structures that coral can latch on to and grow on. The cremains are added to the cement mix which is used to create an artificial reef formation. The artificial concrete reef is then placed in the permitted ocean location selected by the family.

Celebrated In Fireworks

Mixing cremains into fireworks will help your loved one to go out with a bang. These special order pyrotechnics are created by adding cremains to the chemical mixture of the fireworks. The fireworks can be more explosive, which must be professionally launched or can be made into smaller fireworks which can be launched by the family.

A Vinyl Record

Cremains can also be pressed into a vinyl record. You can pick the artwork and the music, or you can have a spoken word recording. Some companies will even allow you to get original artwork and design the record packaging.

There is a wide range of options for what can be done with cremains. The personalization is endless. Having a unique item created for a loved one can make for a great memorial piece that showcases their interests.


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