Webcasting Services

Webcasting Services

Funerals are scheduled to accommodate friends and family who would like to attend services. However, it may not be possible to accommodate everyone. If there are family and friends who cannot attend services, Parthemore Funeral Home & Cremation Services offers the ability to view funeral services over the internet, through webcasting.

Our high-definition camera and direct audio feed create a quality video tribute for your loved one that can be viewed in real time or preserved on physical media (i.e. DVD, flash drive) to be viewed at a later time.

Video streaming can be done through many platforms, the most popular being Facebook or Youtube. With video, you have the option for services to be shared publically or privately. If a private stream is desired, we will work with you to make it accessible to those with private invitations. All that is need to view the video is an internet connection.

Webcasting and videotaping allow friends and family from across the world to watch a loved one’s viewing and/or service. For more information, talk to any of the professionals at Parthemore Funeral Home.

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