Coping with Grief During the Holidays

Coping With Grief During The Holidays

The first step in coping with grief at the holidays is to acknowledge that the holidays will be different and they may be difficult. Holiday memories serve as constant reminders of loss. Watching others celebrate can be painful and overwhelming. Sometimes the anticipation of a holiday can be more difficult than the day itself.

You can prepare for the holidays by being thoughtful about your plans and making sure you have the support you need. After a death, survivors must learn how to develop new holiday rituals and traditions.

If you or someone you know are grieving during the holiday season, here are some helpful tips to help get through.

Keep Old Traditions Or Create New – It’s Up To You

It can be helpful to continue with old traditions that existed in order to honor and celebrate the individuals who are no longer here, but there are no rules. Decide which traditions you want to keep and which ones you might want to change. Feel free to create new traditions.

Rediscover The Gift Of Giving

Finding the perfect gift for your loved one is a part of the joy of the holidays. You don’t have to lose that joy, simply choose a new recipient. Maybe make a donation to a charity that was important to your loved one. Or buy a gift you would have given to them and donate it.

Sharing With Others

If you have been having a hard time getting rid of your loved one’s belongings, why not use the holidays as an opportunity to kick start the process. You can donate the items to a charity. As you go through their belongings, consider pick out a few special items and gift them to friends or family who will appreciate them.

Only Do What You Want To Do

It is okay to opt-out of holiday gatherings. Finding a balance between engaging and not pushing yourself is important. Don’t feel guilty about skipping an event if you are feeling overloaded. When you do go to holiday events, drive yourself so you can leave if it gets to be too much.

Get The Help You Need

There will be people who want to help and may offer their support. Let them. If no one offers the help you need, ask for it. This can difficult for some people, but it is important.  Asking others to help with cooking, shopping, or decorating can be a big relief. Consider joining a grief group. Sharing your struggle with others who are going through the same thing can be helpful.

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