“Grand” Ideas For Things To Do With Your Grandchildren

Grandfather reading with grandson

The cold winter months will soon be upon us, making it harder to do outdoor activities with your grandchildren. So, we have some suggestions for indoor activities that grandparents can share with little ones.

Read your favorite childhood book together

We all have favorite books from different eras of our life. Pick one that you enjoyed as a child and read it with the kids. Explore some literary classics that are beloved across generations. Stop by the library or bookstore for ideas. You can even gift your grandchild a book to add to their collection.

Dig out the old family photos or home movies

Many adults will tell you that they regret not having asked more questions about their grandparent’s lived. Sharing some of your story with grandkids is a great way to spend some quality time. So dust off the photo albums or set up the projector. The kids will also get a chance to see their own parents as children.

Teach them how to make your signature dish

Who doesn’t wish they knew how to make Grandma’s famous dinners or desserts. Especially those delicious recipes that aren’t written down, but done from memory with a little bit of this, and a pinch of that. Set aside an afternoon to teach your grands the art of a perfectly flaky piecrust or a deliciously buttery biscuit.

Do an arts-and-crafts project

Whether your medium of choice is yarn, a piece of wood, or a blank canvas, channel your inner artists to create one-of-a-kind artwork together that your grandchildren can keep as a special memento of your time together.

Try something that they love to do

Turn the tables and let your grandchildren decide what activities you will share. It may not be something you’d normally do, but make their day by giving it a go. Be it sticking your fingers in glitter-filled slime or eating the latest candy concoction. Make their day by giving something that they love a try. Who knows? You may actually like it!

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